Atheists can’t even face the truth about themselves!

Here is my answer to this question:

Uh, because it’s true!

As evidenced by you, and all the other atheists here on R&S!

That’s NOT a “claim”-it’s a fact!

Atheists “claim” that there is no God.

Since there is no God, according to what you and all the other atheists here believe, there can’t BE any evidence, because there CAN’T BE any “evidence” for a “non-existant” being.

This IS what atheists believe, and you CAN’T tell me I’m wrong!

This isn’t about MY beliefs-it’s about YOURs, AND YOU CANT PROVE ME WRONG

You fail!

Prove me wrong about what YOU-NOT ME- believes!

You can’t!

You prove me wrong about what I say about YOU, AND I’LL RENOUNCE MY FAITH!

This is about YOU-not me!

None.can any of you PROVE that I’m wrong.

Here is a comment to what I said:

“If your god existed you’d be able to produce concrete evidence, not just stories and logical fallacies. The fact that you can’t pretty much proves that no god exists. No god = no evidence for a god.
Sookey · 50 mins ago”

Atheists “claim” there is no god.

How many times have atheists said to those who BELONG to Christ-“IF there is a god, blah, blah, blah…..”?

Atheists “claim” there is no god.

Are they aware of what the word “IF” means?

“IF” is NOT “definitive”

It indicates that there is more than one possibility.

Since atheists “claim” that there is no god, by their using the word “if”, they are at least suggesting that there MIGHT be a God.

But atheists SAY there IS no God.

Well since they are so sure there is no God, than why use the word “IF” in their response?

“IF” (by it’s very nature), indicates that there IS a possibility that there is a God.

Since they are so sure that there isn’t a God, then why do they acknowledge the “possibility” that there IS a God, BY using the word “if”?

This is the TRUTH about so many “supposed” atheists!

Now I will use the word “if” in context here:

IF they were SO SURE that there is no God, they wouldn’t even be ASKING about a god.

Seems to me that atheists aren’t as sure that there is no God, as they CLAIM to be!

Also, NOWHERE in my initial response:

“As evidenced by you, and all the other atheists here on R&S!

That’s NOT a “claim”-it’s a fact!”

Never, ever ONCE say this is why I believe that there is a God.

NEVER ONCE do I even mention what I believe about God.

So why is this and every other atheist here trying to make my answer about MY BELIEFS, when I am simply stating the FACTS about what THEY believe?

Here’s another atheist, that simply proves I’m right about what I have said here:

“James The Fail is posting long rants now! That’s a change.
Lesley · 1 hour ago”

Instead of acknowledging I’m right, they post something like this.

Atheists only prove that they can’t face the truth about themselves, when they can’t even acknowledge that I’m right!

They can’t even give me a straight answer, nor can they prove that I’m wrong about them!

Who is kicking WHOSE ASS here?

Not one atheist here can prove I’m wrong.


All they can do is avoid admitting the truth about themselves!


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